1. This Website Cookie Policy is for informational purposes only, meaning that it does not create any obligations for Website Users. This Policy primarily contains information regarding the use of cookies, other similar technologies, and analytical tools on the Website.
  2. The owner of the Website and the controller of the data collected through the Website is JS NIERUCHOMOŚCI SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ with its registered office in Ząbkowice Śląskie (address: ul. Działkowca 14A, 57-200 Ząbkowice Śląskie and the following mailing address: ul. 1 Maja 15F, 57-200 Ząbkowice Śląskie), entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000890061; the court of registration where the company records are kept: District Court for Wrocław – Fabryczna in Wrocław, 9th Commercial Division of the National Court Register; share capital amounting to: PLN 6,042,000.00; TAX NUMBER (NIP): 8871813176, REGON (National Business Registry Number): 364347687; e-mail: kontakt@hotelnaskarpie.comand phone number: (+48) 733 455 055 – hereinafter referred to as the “Controller” and acting at the same time as the Service Provider on the Website.
  3. All words, phrases and acronyms appearing in this Cookie Policy and beginning with a capital letter (e.g., User, Website) shall be understood as defined in the Website Terms of Use available on the Website.
  4. Cookies are small blocks of data in the form of text files sent by a server and stored on the Website visitor’s side (e.g., on a hard drive of a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone memory card – depending on the device used by the Website visitor). Detailed information about cookies, as well as the history of cookies can be found, inter alia, here:
  5. Cookies that may be sent by the Website can be divided into different types, according to the following criteria:
Due to their provider:

1)     custom (created by the Controller’s Website), and

2)     belonging to third parties (other than the Controller).

Due to their storage period on a device of a visitor of the Website:

1)     session (stored until visitors leave the Website or close their web browser), and

2)     persistent (stored for a specific period of time, defined by the parameters of each file, or until manual deletion).

Due to the purpose of their use:

1)  essential (enabling proper functioning of the Website),

2)  functional/preferential (enabling adaptation of the Website to visitor’s preferences),

3)  analytical and performance-based (gathering information about how the Website is used),

4)  marketing, advertising, and social networking (gathering information about a visitor to a Website in order to display ads to that visitor, customize them and conduct other marketing activities, including on websites different from the Website, such as social networking sites or other sites belonging to the same advertising network as the Website)


  1. The Controller may process the data in cookies when visitors use the Website for the following specific purposes:
Purposes of using cookies at the Controller’s Website to store data from filled in forms and questionnaires (essential and/or functional/preferential cookies),
to adapt the content of the Website to individual User preferences (e.g., concerning colours, font size, page layout) and optimising the use of the Website’s pages (functional/preferential cookies),
to keep anonymous statistics that show how the Website is used (analytical and performance-based cookies)
to render and display ads, to limit the number of times an ad is displayed and to ignore ads that a person does not want to see, to measure the effectiveness of ads, and to customize ads, i.e., to study the behavioural characteristics of visitors to the Website by analysing their behaviour anonymously (e.g., repeated visits to specific pages, keywords, etc.) in order to create a profile of the visitors and to provide them with ads tailored to their anticipated interests, including when they visit other websites in the advertising network of Google Ireland Ltd. and Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. (marketing, advertising and social networking cookies)
  1. Verification in the most popular web browsers which cookies (including the duration of cookies and their provider) are sent at a given moment by the Website is possible in the following way:
In the Chrome browser:
(1) in the address bar, click on the lock icon on the left, (2) go to the “Cookies” tab.
In the Firefox browser:
(1) in the address bar, click on the shield icon on the left, (2) go to the “Allowed” or “Blocked” tab, (3) click the box for “Tracking Cookies Between Sites,” “Social Media Tracking Elements,” or “Content with Tracking Elements.”
In the Internet Explorer browser:
(1) click the “Tools” menu, (2) go to the “Internet Options” tab, (3) go to the “General” tab, (4) go to the “Settings” tab, (5) click the “View Files” box
In the Opera browser:
(1) in the address bar, click on the lock icon on the left, (2) go to the “Cookies” tab.
In the Safari browser:
(1) click the “Preferences” menu, (2) go to the “Privacy” tab, (3) click the “Manage Site Data” box
Regardless of the browser, using the tools available on the site, for example:  or:
  1. By default, most web browsers on the market accept cookies. Anyone can determine the terms of use of cookies through the settings of their own web browser. This means that one can, for example, partially limit (e.g., temporarily) or completely switch off the option of storing cookies – in the latter case, however, this may have an impact on some functionalities of the Website.
  2. Web browser settings for cookies are relevant from the point of view of consent to the use of cookies by the Website – pursuant to the regulations, such consent may also be expressed through the web browser settings. Detailed information on how to change the settings for cookies and how to delete them independently in the most popular web browsers is available in the help section of your web browser and at the following pages (just click on the link):

in the Chrome browser

in the Firefox browser

in the Internet Explorer browser

in the Opera browser

in the Safari browser

In the Microsoft Edge browser

  1. The Controller may use Google Analytics, Universal Analytics services provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland) for the Website. These services help the Controller keep statistics and analyse traffic on the Website. The collected data is processed under the above services to generate statistics to help administer the Website and analyse traffic on the Website. These data are aggregated. The Controller using the above services on the Website collects such data as the source and medium used to reach visitors to the Website and their behaviour on the Website, information about the devices and browsers from which they visit the Website, IP and domain, geographical data, and demographic data (age, gender) and interests.
  2. Google Analytics can be easily blocked by an individual, for example by installing the browser add-on provided by Google Ireland Ltd. available here:
  3. In connection with the option to use of advertising and analytical services provided by Google Ireland Ltd. by the Controller in the Website, the Controller indicates that full information on the data processing principles (including the information stored in cookies) by Google Ireland Ltd. can be found in the Privacy Policy of Google services available at the following URL:
  4. The Controller may use the Facebook Pixel service on the Website provided by Facebook Ireland Limited (4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland). This feature helps the Controller to measure the performance of ads and to identify the behaviour of visitors to the Website, and to display customized ads to those visitors. Detailed information about how Facebook Pixel works can be found at the following URL:
  5. Facebook Pixel performance can be managed through the ad settings in your account:

15. The Website may also contain links to other websites that use their own cookies (e.g., when the User is redirected to the Booking Module at the platform). The Controller recommends reading the Cookie Policy when visiting other sites. This Cookie Policy applies only to the Controller’s Website.


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