We Write Our Own History In A Building With History.


With History

The villa where our hotel is based belonged in the 1920s to Carl Max Schultz, a renowned hatter. The headwear designed in his workshop (located opposite the villa) was adored by elegant ladies and gentlemen alike.

Na Skarpie Ząbkowice Śląskie



The building’s glory days were interrupted by the war, following which it became state property. The villa was then converted into a district outpatient clinic. Over time, its function overshadowed its aesthetic qualities, and the history of the building was forgotten. Nowadays, we are making every effort to restore it!

Inspired by

The Past

The past of the building became our inspiration and starting point. We exposed the pre-war design and contrasted it with contemporary minimalism. Cooperation with the architect and local textile and wood restoration studios helped us to design the hotel as a space where history meets the present.


Comfort and Elegance